About BriscoUSA.com

A few years ago, my brother and I decided to take a long road trip across the USA. We always enjoyed traveling around the country, but we had not been very far. We live in North Carolina, so we usually didn’t stray from the East Coast. Finally, we pooled enough money to make the huge trip, and had plans to stop in towns and cities in as many states as we could.

We headed down south, skipping South Carolina, of course, and traveled through Georgia and Florida as our first stops. The drive was easy, and we were enjoying the warm air of both states. One thing we noticed was the tremendous state pride the people had, as well as pride in their hometowns. A lot of people don’t look at their hometowns as places to live, but rather to thrive and improve; we talked to a family who lived in Savannah their whole lives and reminisced about the history there and what they did to help change it.

All around the country, no matter where we visited, it was the same thing: people showing immense pride in their states and hometowns. People had so much hometown love and state pride that even we wanted to show our pride with some state shirts and hometown apparel. However, state clothing is hard to find unless you’re in an airport or something. Whether it was in Tallahassee, Florida or Denver, Colorado, the people that have lived there all their lives have such a passionate love for their homes. My brother and I both love North Carolina, and even though we traveled to so many places in America, we couldn’t imagine living anywhere else, so we understood how people felt.

Traveling across the country gave us an idea to make a clothing company that would specialize in states, cities, and towns all throughout the USA. That's when we created City And State Shirt, a hometown clothing and state apparel shirt company that creates amazing shirts and designs for every state in America. Our products will allow people to show their pride for their states and towns and also allow people like my brother and I to show our love for the states and towns we visited during our trip. We offer the chance to show off souvenir apparel and tourist shirts of everyone’s favorite places to visit.

We want people to be able to express their passion and pride in their hometowns with proper state apparel, because on our trip we learned that people are so enthusiastic about the states they live in. We set out to create a destination clothing company, and we achieved this with City And State Shirt. Everyone should be able to showcase their hometown pride on their clothing. We offer the best-quality destination apparel available, and we want everyone to be able to show off their pride and excitement for their hometowns and cities with our state clothing.

With our large facilities in our home state of North Carolina, we have over 200,000 sq. feet of warehouse space to be able to service any size order, guaranteeing the best quality clothing at an affordable cost. All of our employees are from a range of different towns and states all around the country. Their love for their homes grants us the ability to design our entire hometown and state apparel line in-house. Show off your pride for your hometown and state with City And State Shirt.