The Spookiest Spots In the USA

Halloween isn't over yet! Check out our list below of the spookiest spots in the USA!

Spookiest Spots in the USA

1. Old Cahawba, AL
This whole town is a ghost town. While most contemporary property owners would build on the property, this town (now a state park) is preserved historically and archeologically. Spooky highlights include a burial ground and a schoolhouse.

2. Kenai, AK
Visit Arthur Johnson's grave at the Kenai cemetery and you might just see the long-deceased Arthur tending to his graves.

3. Vulture Mine, AZ
Nestled in Maricopa County is an old gold mine that gave the city the name Vulture City, AZ. Now that it's shut down, ghost tours are provided to experience the old nature of this now decrepit city.

4. Crescent Hotel, AR
This four-star hotel has more than meets the eye. Named as America's Most Haunted Hotel, visitors can take a ghost tour and hear spooky stories from visitors' past.

5. Winchester Mystery House, CA
This self-proclaimed "beautiful but bizarre home" was once owned and cared for by heiress Sarah Winchester, who was struck by tragedy when she lost her newborn and her husband both within her lifetime. Visitors can trek through the house and experience the life Sarah Winchester left behind.

6. Stanley Hotel, CO
Do you remember Stephen King's "The Shining?" The Stanley Hotel served as inspiration for King's tale about a haunted hotel. Experience the spirits that surround this midwestern mystifying space.

7. Holy Land USA, Waterbury, CT
Inspired by Bible passages, this theme park is something of nightmares. Not because of its inspiration but because of the fact it closed in 1984. While it reopened in 2014, it is still not regularly opened to the public. The attractions remaining have fallen into states of disrepair and ruin, prompting those who love the scares to delve deeper into the history of this interesting theme park.

8. Lewes Barry Terminal, Lewes, DE
The Phantom of the Opera doesn't have anything on the Phantom of the Ferry. Head aboard the ship and spend a night to experience the haunted ship and the tales that behold it. Think you're brave enough?

9. Ellis Hotel, Atlanta, GA

10. Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, PA
As someone who has actually been through this haunted prison, this writer can tell you, it's pretty creepy. Explore the prison during the day with a walking tour, learning about the individuals who endured hostile conditions during their stays here. At night during September and October, the prison transforms into a haunt that is not for the faint of heart.

11. Pine Barrens, NJ
Ever hear the legend of the Jersey Devil (not the hockey team, but the actual being.) According to the story, Jane Leeds, known as mother Leeds, gave birth to her thirteenth child. Upon his birth, he sprouted hooves, a goats head, horns, bat wings, and a forked tail, then flew away. There are many accounts in South Jersey of seeing this creature, though, like Bigfoot, not much has been proven. Camp out in the Pine Barrens of the Garden State and you just might see him.

12. Myrtle's Plantation, St Francisville, LA
America has a lot of haunted homes, but it's Myrtle's Plantation in Lousiana that encaptures the spirit of the south - literally. Come during the day or during the mystery tours Friday and Saturday to hear the story of this land. You can even stay at this house! This tale goes that in 1992, the owner of this house took a picture and a girl appeared to be standing in between the two houses - but there wasn't anyone there. See if you can find the "Ghost Girl" of Myrtles Plantation. 

13. Six Flags, New Orleans, LA
Six Flags owns many properties around the USA, but none are as popular as Six Flags New Orleans, which closed after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Even though it's been closed to the public for a while, many that have surpassed the warning about not trespassing and felt that the place, now overgrown with brush, flooding, and the occasional alligator, was haunted. 

14. Lizzie Borden House, MA
Interested in the macabre? Read up on the story of Lizzie Borden and head to her old house, where legend has it she murdered her dad and stepmother. Stay in the now transformed house as it is now a Bed and Breakfast and see where it all took place.

15. St Augustine Lighthouse, St Augustine, FL
Take a trip to the lighthouse for a tour during the day or brave the nighttime for a spooky tale. There have been tales about disappearances to possibly experience the haunted happenings in here.

16. Old Idaho Penitentiary, ID
Experience Idaho's unique prison history in this supposedly haunted prison. Just like it's Eastern State Penitentiary cousin, it includes a ton of information about the prison system as well as stories of the prisoner's past.

17. Waverly Hills Sanatorium, KY
Originally housing tuberculosis patients, this sanatorium was its own community due to the large outbreak of the disease in the early 1900s. Turned into a medical center and then shut down, this old building has had a lot of people come through their doors. Enjoy a haunted house style of this building or a tour of this unique attraction.

18. Rosewell, NM
Sci-Fi fans will love this spooky haunt. When a naval balloon crashed in this small New Mexico, nobody thought of it. But a closer look revealed that it was more than meets the eye. Conspiracy theories have been formed based around aliens reaching our planet and government covering it up. Nothing has been proven, but theories continue to prove it isn't entirely out of the question.

From science fiction to true crime, legends, and myths, there is a destination for everyone. Where will you be heading this Halloween? Tell us in the comments!

Don't forget to grab a tee or hoodie when you make your travels to your spooky destination.

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