Quick Getaways In The USA

Summer isn't over yet! Check out our top picks for the best quick getaways in the USA, separated by the West Coast and the East Coast! Did your favorite getaway make the list? 

quick summer getaways in the usa

East Coast
New York, NY
A quick trip to the largest city in the USA may sound overwhelming, but there is so much to do in the city that never sleeps. From a trip to a Broadway show to concerts, sports, museums, and the best restaurants, you'll have so much to do you just might stay a little longer.

Philadelphia, PA
A smaller, more hipster New York lies in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. Catch the Eagles during a Sunday football game or experience a concert at Penns Landing right on the pier. If you are more of an indoor person, experience the museums or a hockey game with the Philadelphia Flyers. 

Asheville, North Carolina
Deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains, as a town called Asheville gives tourists and residents a scenic feel. With its excellent architecture, a downtown area, and restaurants for every type of personality, there is truly something for everyone in this sleepy little town.

Atlanta, Georgia
Georgia's capital city isn't just a center for its government. With a children's museum, an aquarium, and a zoo, this is the perfect family destination for a last-minute summer trip. Don't forget downtown Atlanta, with tons of options for dining and shopping and a Six Flags theme park to get your thrills in.

Washington, DC
The United States capital isn't just home of a hockey team with the same name, but it houses many memories, landmarks, museums, dining, nightlife, and universities in this wonderful city. Take a look at the White House from the outside, visit the Washington Monument, stroll around Georgetown, and so much more. 

Miami, Florida
This is probably one trip you might want to leave the kids at home for. Miami is one of the nation's most popular vacation spots. The blue water, the palm trees, with tons of different districts rich in culture. South Beach has all your nightlife, while Little Havana provides delicious eats. Don't forget to visit a hockey, football, basketball, or baseball game while you're there.

New Orleans, Lousiana
It doesn't have to be Fat Tuesday in order to go to New Orleans. Head to the French Quarter, where dining and nightlife await. The architecture of their plantations, cemeteries, hotels, and more will take you back to the inception of this enchanting city. Don't forget to take in some jazz and crawfish while you're there!

West Coast
Seattle, Washington
This sleepy city is full of life and you can make it your weekend getaway any time of the year. While you should definitely be prepared for rain, it definitely won't rain on your parade with activities such as the zoo, the aquarium, and the famous Pike Place market. Plus, coffee lovers will love the birthplace of Starbucks coffee.

San Diego, California
Want to be sunny all vacation long? Take a trip to San Diego, California, and be amazed at what you'll find. From Sea World to the zoo, the beaches and piers, and nearby Disney and Lego Land, there is truly so much to do in this area of SoCal. Stop by a Padre's game for America's pastime or some national monuments to enrich yourself in the California life.

Portland, Oregon
Portland is a hipster city that encourages everyone that comes through there to try something new. Head to the Portland Saturday Market, where you can find unique homemade crafts and art. The Oregon Zoo is a favorite for visiting families. Brainiacs will love the Oregon Musem of Science and Industry. There will not be a bad vibe in this trendy city.

Palm Springs, California
Book your stay in Palm Springs to get ready for a relaxing few days. Home to festivals like Coachella and Stagecoach, this desert city is beautiful if you're looking for a relaxing time away. Just two hours away from San Diego and LA, making this California town a stop on your trip is worth it.

Black Hills, South Dakota
Where are the country people? If getting away from the city lights sounds like a dream to you, Black Hills, South Dakota is the way to go. Channel your inner cowboy at this western spot with tons of monuments, parks, and natural beauty.

Dallas, Texas
Dallas's culture is rich. Drinkers will love the "Margarita Mile" with spots to sip your favorite cocktail all over the city, while animal lovers can experience the zoo nearby. There are even multiple museums to discover. The staple? Texas BBQ of course!

Austin, Texas
The hub of southwestern music and art, Austin is a thriving town with tons to do. Travel to this town for a weekend and you can experience everything they have to offer from their artsy landmarks, foodie dining, historical sites, parks, and so much more. The only question you should ask yourself is where should you start?

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