The Best Craft And Domestic Breweries In Every State

September 7 was National Beer Lovers Day, so in honor of this beloved holiday check out our list of the best craft breweries in every state!

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Good People Brewing
This brewery in the Heart of Dixie has bee around for ten years. They take their passion for beer and good people and let the name speak for itself.

HooDoo Brewing Company
Fairbanks, Alaska is home to one of the best breweries in the state - but their talents don't stop at the taproom. They also play host to a Biergarten and host a variety of events!

Ozark Beer Company
At Ozark Beer Co, they pride themselves on hard work and great beer. Since they were founded by people who lived along the river, there is a grounded sense of humility from this company that offers many different beers on tap. 

Ballast Point
Northern California may play host to wineries, but southern California is for the breweries. The second biggest brewery, Ballast Point, has been around since 1996 and has gained worldwide notice for their crisp taste and freshly brewed hops.

Coors Brewing
Okay, so this isn't a craft brewery, but it's so substantial we couldn't leave it out. It's the single largest brewery in the whole world and is home to Coors Lite, Killians, and Blue Moon, amongst others.

Two Roads Brewing
Stratford is home to this Robert Frost-inspired brewery. It plays host to a music festival, Oktoberfest celebration, and many other happenings that attracts beer drinkers of all styles. From sour ales to pale ales, there is something for everyone at Two Roads.

Dogfish Head
Known for their IPAs (India Pale Ales) Dogfish Head is the most prominent breweries in Delaware. This beer company comes from a small state but their unconventional brewing methods make them shine in such a big way. 

Deadly Sins Brewery
Next time you're in Winter Park, FL, take a trip down the Deadly Sins Brewery. Go ahead and indulge as you choose from one of their main seven taps (named after, of course, the seven deadly sins.) The aromatic taste of each beer will soothe your senses.

Variant Brewing
At Variant Brewing, they want to get to know you. The best way they know how to do this is by having a beer at their brewery. Carefully constructed and crafted, guests can enjoy everything from sour beers to IPAs.

Kona Brewing
Hawaii's big island is home to a classic brewery that can be found in a lot of restaurants and bars. Their most popular beer? The Big Wave Golden Ale, a tasty beer with just a touch of hops. 

Cloud 9 Brewing
Located in Boise, this gastropub prides itself on organic and locally sourced ingredients in everything. From their home-brewed beer to their restaurant menu, everything at Cloud 9 Brewing is genuinely made with the customer in mind. So have a beer and one of their fresh salads and enjoy it.

South Bend Brew Werks
South Bend Indiana plays host to a brewery of the same name. Explore the downtown midwest and venture to this brewery famous for their Stargazer Pale Ale. You can bring your pup if you sit outside, too.

Burnt City Brewing
Originally the Atlas Brewing company, this company fueled its fire by moving and rebranding. They believe their perseverance is what makes their environment and beer brewing so great. From a hibiscus IPA to a classic Oktoberfest, you can rely on this brewery for great takes on the classics.

Second State Brewing
Great food and great beer - you can't ask for more. That's what Second State Brewing brings to the table when you discover some great brews at this classic Iowa stop.

Limestone Beer Company

Abita Brewing
Abita Brewing is most popularly known around the country for its purple haze beer, which is made with raspberries and a spot of hops. It's light, sweet, and perfect for the beer drinker who's not about the IPAs.

Allagash Brewing
Allagash has one of the best light beers in the entire country. The orange peel makes this beer a delicacy to behold. Try it on tap or in the bottle, the one thing that makes this brewery worth the trip is learning about this iconic brew and its close draft cousins, too.

Flying Dog Brewery
This original Maryland brew was created by hikers deprived of beer. What they came up with has lasted for over 30 years. From a dill pickle sour to a habanero IPA, this brewery is known for its no-frills approach to beer that is tasty and savory.

Founders Brewery
This Michigan based brewery is proudly letting drinkers claim their adventure. Their All Day IPA is their most popular and has been seen in retail liquor stores around the country while their nitro stout is unique and expertly made. Just taking one sip from these beers ensures a carefully crafted source.

Invictus Brewery
Do you have an unconquerable soul? Head to Invictus Brewery, a Minnesota based company that works hard to curate craft drafts for all types of people. Beautiful Buzz and Captain Of My Soul are two of their drafts that are popular choices for different beer drinkers.

Oxford Brewing
North Mississippi's first brewing company is here and it's here to stay. Their creative spirit puts an "oomph" in the Oxford town life. Sit back, relax, and try one of their drafts - you won't regret it.

This was already on the list but its worth another mention. It's the biggest brewery in the whole world. Plus, it's the company's largest and oldest brewing site. Take a tour and see how it all works - you might learn something new and get an appreciation for Bud Light.

The Great Northern Brewing Company
For over 20 years, this Whitefish company has shown that they take tradition and make it their own. They offer food to accompany their brews so you can sit back and enjoy them.

Stone Hollow Brewing
Located in a beautiful stone building, Stone Hollow provides an environment that takes you back in time and transforms your taste buds. Plus, they're a fairly new brewery with updated appearances that don't eliminate that traditional feel. 

Great Basin Brewing
From tart and juicy to IPAs for those with a distinct taste, beer drinkers will love the diversity of Great Basin Brewing, which has been in business since 1993.

New Hampshire
Anheuser Busch
I know, this might be getting repetitive - but this is America's brewery after all. From the classy Stella Artois to Shock Top and Goose Island, if you're a beer drinker, you can find your favorite at Anheuser-Busch.

New Jersey
Kane Brewing
Jersey has over 100 breweries in the state but one of their most popular is Kane. Known for their hoppy beers, this brewery is not for the faint of heart. Plus, if you stop in, try the Morning Bell, a coffee milk porter made with a local roaster's delicious coffee.

New Mexico
Santa Fe Brewing
New Mexico's first and most popular brewery lies in its capital of Santa Fe. Featuring the Zia symbol in its logo, its got a sense of state pride that the other states just can't hold onto. 

New York
Southern Tier Brewing
Named after the southwestern section of the Empire State, Southern Tier has one of the most popular seasonal beers around. Their pumpkin ale, Pumking, has a whopping 8.6 ABV.

North Carolina
Duck Rabbit Brewing
From Thursday to Saturday, guests can walk into Duck Rabbit's tasting room and try something new. At Duck Rabbit, there is truly something for everyone to try that they'll like.

North Dakota
Fargo Brewing Company
The basic beers are what this North Dakota brewery likes to focus on. They also take part in the giant Fargo community, including their co-production of the Crawfish Broil and opening a music venue.

Fats Head Brewery
This funky little brewery in Middleburg Heights, Ohio, provides some beers that show their originality and quirkiness. From the classic IPAs to their unique Honey Blueberry Ale, even the least-approachable beer drinkers will love the charm of this brewery.

Elk Valley Brewing
Deep in Oklahoma City among the whiskey-infused bars and liquor stores lives Elk Valley Brewing. Their standout seasonal beers are what draws drinkers - a crisp cucumber beer? An apricot beer aged in chardonnay? Come for the quirky, stay for their year-round classics.

Full Sail Brewing
They pride themselves on being "Oregon's Original," with an Amber Ale that has yet to be rivaled in the state. Don't forget to eat some pub food while you're sampling over 10 different craft drafts.
Victory Brewing
Located just outside of the city of Brotherly Love, Victory is great at taking classic brews and making it their own. From their 10% ABV Golden Monkey to their summery Twisted Monkey, their beers provide a burst of unexpected flavor in your beer.

Rhode Island
Narragansett Brewing
One of the oldest breweries in the country is famous for its advertising dating back to 1890. It also gained notoriety from the movie Jaws, where Captain Quint uses a crushed can as a form of intimidation.

South Carolina
Thomas Creek Brewing
Brewed from the water from the Blue Ridge Mountains, the beer from Thomas Creek has a distinct taste. Come on in and tour the taproom and take home some great beer including the Mago Gose, classic Oktoberfest, or cool Coffee Oatmeal Stout.

South Dakota
Fernson Brewing Company
It's not just about the beer at Fernson Brewing Company. They also host FernsonFest 2019, a music festival featuring local jazz and bluegrass bands. Attendees can walk around and experience the community that is Fernson Brewing Company.

Big Frog Brewery
Chatanooga Tennesee plays host to a lot of breweries but its Big Frog that's the standout. Their classic pale ale is satisfying while their Rivercity Black changes the rules for IPAs.

Jester King Brewery
Located in the hip Austin, Texas, Jester King works to take their beer and make sure that drinkers know its straight from Texas. Since its opening in 2010, drinkers have also been able to experience a full-service restaurant.

Unita Brewery
The brewers at this Utah brewery pride themselves on being trailblazers - literally and figuratively. With a golden ale park series that shows off all of Utah's beautiful state parks to their large varieties of IPAs, beer drinkers can trust that this brewery knows what they're doing when it comes to craft beverages.

Harpoon Brewery
Stouts is Harpoon Brewery's game. They've even paired with Dunkin Donuts for two coffee beers - one for summer and one for every other time of the year. Beyond that, Harpoon offers so many varieties of beer that even the light beer drinker will find a new brew to be obsessed with.

Devils Backbone
This brewery has a lot of state pride. So much, that they have a Capit-Ale Washington Capital-themed beer. Beyond that, though, they take the Blue Ridge pride and make it shine. Not a beer drinker? Try their hibiscus hard lemonade or the always open apple sparkling lemonade.

Elysian Brewery
Washington is a hipster state - just ask anyone. That's why Elysian Brewery is so great because it's got a style and flair that some breweries can only hope to compare to. Every fall, they also host the 15th Annual Great Pumpkin Beer Festival, a festival that also doubles as a cancer fundraiser.

West Virginia
North End Tavern
Parkersburg West Virginia is home to a restaurant and brewery is the oldest brewing location in WV. Tradition and taste are just two of the many things that North End prides itself on.

Miller Brewing
With Miller Brewing, it's always Miller time. Straight out of Milwaukee, the company is responsible for a lot off beer around the United States that drinkers can find just about anywhere beer is sold. With tons of different beers beyond their popular Miller Lite, you can take a tour and witness all the parts of American brewing history that made the craft beer industry what it is today.

Wind River Breweries
Wind River knows that not every person likes all beer all the time. That's why they list their beer from light to dark. So choose your favorite and enjoy their food menu, too.

Where is your favorite brewery? Comment below!

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